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Fives manufacturing plateforme essais developpement-FIVES

Experiments in real conditions

Fives' testing and Development platform proposes technical surveys, diagnosis, advice and improvement suggestions to steel and glass producers in the field of the thermal and tends to offer these services to other industry sectors.

These services can include testing in real conditions in thermal engineering, combustion and fluid mechanics in order to increase performance, reduce pollutant emissions, design new equipment...

Tests are carried out on test bench in semi-industrial conditions. Analytical tools or digital simulations can also be implemented (ANSYS, FLUENT).

Reliable equipment for successful tests

The test and development platform is located on 2 halls of 1200m² containing:

  • A lean gas generation cell for the development of burner and radiant tube technologies that may accept the industrial gas produced in steel plants
  • A test cell for large size radiant tubes
  • A furnace for a test campaign for the development of a new photovoltaic glass production process
  • Supply with natural gas, LPG, domestic fuel oil and heavy fuel oil. Steel plant type fuels can be reproduced through a lean gas generator.
  • Specific hydrogen and nitrogen systems complete the gas system

The blowers, 400 kW electric heater or the glycol water cooling system are supplied by a 630 kVa electric supply.

Examples of achievements


  • Testing machine for rapid annealing of samples for new steel grades in the automotive sector.
  • Co-development and industrialisation of an AdvanTek® burner for steel strip processing lines, with 10 %energy consumption reduction.


  • Process for texturing of flat glass for the production of photovoltaic modules

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