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Fives manufacturing capacities welding 2-FIVES
Fives manufacturing capacities welding 1-FIVES

Powerful machines for any type of welding

Fives has a modern and powerful welding equipment for different applications and for small and large size parts:

  • Bar-le-Duc: max. 40 tons, 40m long and 10m high
  • Ronchin: max. 50 tons, 35m long and 10m high

Our teams are capable of executing turnkey units.

Thanks to the quality and high technical level of our equipment we were able to gain the confidence of our partners.

Stock of welding machines:

    • CNC oxycutter: 4 simultaneous torches + 1 plasma head, thickness maxi 60 mm
    • Two lasers 2 tables with automatic storage and feeding station: max. 15 mm
    • CN 500T press: width 4000 mm, displacement 360 mm, thickness 20 mm
    • IGM welding robots: 11 axes, 20 m, 10 T
  • Welding boom SAF TIG/hot wire and cold wire longitudinal stroke 6m, height 2.6m
  • Mobile plasma cutting power source, stainless steel and light alloy up to 5mm
  • MIG or MAG manual arc welding units
  • TIG manual arc welding units
  • Arc welding units with coated electrodes

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