Boring machines

Boring machines

With its unconventional machines, Fives is capable of providing machining and boring services for extremely large high-tonnage parts.

CNC boring machines:

  • Number of machines: 6
  • Permissible masses: till 20 T 
  • Max. horizontal strokes: 1,050 mm-14,400 mm
  • Rotary table 3,000 mm X 2,000 mm max
  • Diameter of broaching tool: till 180 mm
  • Broach stroke: till 3,960 mm
  • Max load on teats: 20 T

Some of the parts we have made:

Reductor disc separators, mill housings, power structures, machine tool supports, low-pressure bases for the nuclear industry, drums and supports for the offshore industry, chocks and various parts for the steel industry, turrets, beams and rises for the mining industry, skids, and Underground chassis for railways.


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