Fives maunfacturing piece mecanosoudee-FIVES

Fives, a rigorous subcontractor for the energy industry

Fives can supply very high pressure parts to the energy industry and can work on stainless steel according to CODAP and ASME manufacturing standard. Thanks to monitoring, checking, methodology and traceability, Fives is an exemplary and demanding partner, just like people working in cryogenics, renewable energies, nuclear technology and oil & gas industry.


Fives manufacturing markets cryo-FIVES

With more than 15 years experience in this field, Fives has become the preferred supplier for the world's leading supplier of process pumps with the supply of :

  • Stainless steel pump housing manufactured to PED97/23/CE code with an accurate monitoring of the traceability of constituting parts, with associated welding procedures to ASME IX code, using the automatic hot wire or cold wire TIG welding process and manual TIF process.
  • Numerous visual CND inspections, dye penetrant testing and radiographic examination are carried out.
  • Frames and skids for turbomachines Machining for housings of compressors and expansion bodies for cast or welded items

Renewable energies

Welding subcontractor for pumps, machining of Francis wheels and cast housings. Fives is a major subcontractor for the sector of hydraulic energy.

Fives is turning to the new markets of wind energy for on-board equipment such as rotor wheels or  shuttles thanks to the size of its hoisting means and its stock of machines.

Nuclear energy

Fives manufacturing nuclear energy-FIVES

Fives is now a recognised partner in this sector. Major clients such as EDF, AREVA, ANDRA and CEA.

With its site of Bar-le-Duc in the Meuse / Haute-Marne region where the laboratory for the study of the nuclear waste (Bure) is located, Fives manufactures equipment for:

  • construction or revamping of power stations, test sites and reprocessing sites : pump components, polar crane components, special machines, tools for which special codes such as RCCM, CODAP…may be required
  • transportation of fuels with the supply of containers
  • conditioning of waste: barrels, containers, shielding

The site of Bar-le-Duc has the UTO qualification for EDF.

With its site based in Seclin which is specialised in machining of large-sized parts, Fives manufactures equipment for :

  • single-cylinder for generator
  • bottom for vapor generator
  • low pressure body
  • nuclear rings


Oil & gas

Fives manufacturing markets oil gas-FIVES

Fives has large machining capacities and lifting gears to manufacture heavy parts in accordance with the technical requirements in oil and gas industry. Materials processed can be treated steels requiring Inconel 625 overlays, but also stainless steels.


Examples of machined and welded parts :

  • Body, drilling-spool and adaptater-spool, actuator ring, split lock ring…
  • Welded and machined valve bodies
  • Skids and large-size pipes 
  • Motor housing, off shore frame, winches, …

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