Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Fives manufacturing sub contracting for chemicals-FIVES

Reliable traceability for successful subcontracting in demanding fields of activity

Fives proposes a high quality subcontracting in strict compliance with material traceability requirements and has become a key supplier to major manufacturers of equipment and installations for leading edge industries such as pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Pharma & biotech industry

High level of technicality combined with welding, machining, polishing, electro-polishing, pickling and passivation capacities allows Fives to manufacture high precision stainless steel equipment:

  • Chromatography columns including separating pistons
  • Reactors and fractionating columns connected to tanks and separator
  • Filtres and reaction drain pots
  • Supply of innovative equipment using sustainable technology
  • Supercritical fluid technology

Chemical industry

Fives manufacturing markets cryo-FIVES

Manufacturing for key components :

  • Tanks and mixing screws
  • Crystallisers
  • Reaction vessels and tanks
  • Reactor and drain pots
  • Fives manufacturing marckets chemical 1-FIVES
  • Fives manufacturing marckets chemical 2-FIVES
  • Fives manufacturing marckets chemical 3-FIVES

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