Milling machines

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Fives manufacturing pyramid shaft chamfering-FIVES

Fives has a variety of gantry, fixed-bed and conventional milling machines covering all of your chamfering needs required for manufacturing ranges.

CNC gantry milling machines:

  • number of machines: 1
  • permissible masses: till 20T
  • max. table strokes: 9,500 mm

Milling machines CU (machining center): 

  • Number of machines: 2
  • Number of axes: 4
  • Permissible masses: 4 T
  • Dimensions of the tables: 2000 x 900 mm; 800 x 800 mm
  • Configuration: 2 x pallets

CNC fixed-bed and universal milling machines: 

  • number of machines: 8
  • permissible masses: 1 T-5 T
  • max. table strokes: 2,000 mm-3,800 mm

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