Seclin (France)

Fives manufacturing seclin workshop-FIVES Fives Manufacturing

Seclin : large-scale capacities

With 17000 m² of covered shop space, the Seclin plant is an incredibly well-designed modern facility that houses both large machining resources and assembly systems (huge boring machines, 200-ton lifting capacity) and is supported by a mechanical welding shop that offers crucial companion services like stabilization annealing, shot blasting and painting.

Fives has the capacity to make heavy mechanical units that can include hydraulics, automation and pneumatics.

The Fives resources and its ability to manage turnkey contracts has consolidated its position in both the new construction sector for heavy industries (mainly steel, energy, offshore, machine tooling and public works) and the equipment upgrade services sector through its repair operations.

Its quality monitoring system (2008 ISO 9001 certification) means it can meet performance commitments on execution and lead times.